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Published 18:38 on 27 Feb 2022

This is an exciting time to announce, with the certainty we can remain open, recommencement of galley provision. Hurray! Get your diaries ready for fulfilling those duties if you prefer a more on-shore option.

Opening Sunday 20th March covering the lunchtime bar opening, come down and support us!

Galley opening will be a little different as we strive to make more use of the clubhouse. The Galley will be open Sunday Lunchtimes from 13:00-15:00 (Duty time 12:30-15:30).

We will also open the galley where there are planned on-water activities such as Races, Junior Sessions, Paddle sports and Social Sails (hopefully opening the bar at similar times for full service): this will be variable with the dates/times detailed on the calendar.

The provision of galley during Lift-In & Out has been missing, a restart for this April is planned. If there are particular weekends the galley would be useful in opening,please get in contact and we'll strive to open.

I would like to establish a Galley Crew who will comprise of a small number of members to involve replenishing stock, ensuring standards are maintained in food prep & storage and by briefing new galley duty users, essentially being a galley 'expert'. This does not mean you will be on permanent galley duties, it is assisting outside of this time and occasionally attending at the start of duties for those needing a brief. Depending on scale of assistance we can negotiate duty deduction!

As a self-help club we are reliant on the membership to assist in the Galley, please don't be put off by food preparation. I will pair you with someone who will prepare food, there are aspects such as taking orders/cleaning and delivering the plates which are all important too. If you are a non-cook and you would like to help in the galley (or want to familiarise first) please don't hesitate to let me know.

The menu will be the same as before with a couple of new addition Tuna Mayo and Mozzarella as additional ingredients for panini's and toasties. If you have any ideas to go on the menu do let me know particularly for vegetarian options.
I'll monitor the uptake of items and cut/add as necessary to reduce waste. I'd like to be able to provide food,for 'out of hours' attendees too, paid on a trust basis, mainly items from the freezer which can be microwaved, I will send details of this on another missive.
If the duty covers different times of the day I'd like to provide different foods such as 'Breakfast/Brunch Rolls' for morning events, afternoon tea for Mid-afternoon provision such as sandwiches and cake. Soup and a roll for later afternoon

It would be great if events could be managed through the Crew; Bi-monthly themed events such as Italian, Indian, Paella, Sunday Roasts etc would enable further use of the clubhouse. I'm sure there are lots of ideas amongst the membership let me know them!

The Committee have agreed to continue with 2 duties should a 'Special' be provided (where dishes are prepared at home and brought in to sell) and where a duty is over 4 hours this will count as double. As before, please let me know if you are providing a meal and we will advertise.

Finally, the Galley will be cashless, there will be a system of taking a chit from the galley to the bar to pay.

Please do contact me if you have any questions/comments. The duties will appear on the website shortly once the sailing calendar is settled. These will be added to as the year progresses so keep an eye on the available days.

Looking forward to your support.


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Last updated 00:21 on 28 February 2022

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