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All Langstone Sailing Club Members are required to do 3 duties per year.

Langstone Sailing Club is a self-help club which relies upon all members contributing to the successful running of the club.

To ensure a fair distribution of the necessary work, it is a condition of club membership that each eligible member carries out a minimum of three duties per year.

Should duties not be filled, events are at risk of being cancelled, and certain club members are compelled to do far more than their fair share to cover for others.

Many sailing clubs, roster all members for their duties at the start of the year without any choice. The LSC approach to duties is much more flexible, allowing members to sign up for their duties from a variety of tasks and on dates convenient to themselves.

This system should make this aspect of membership more flexible but does rely on members to take action to select their preferred duties.

Duties should not be seen as a chore, they help you interact with other members of the club.

Undertaking your duties makes the club the success it is so please come along and help. THANK YOU

You can book a duty by clicking on the link below :

Choose a duty and click the "Volunteer" button.

  • Duty Preference:

The current system for selecting a Duty Preference can be found in the My Profile section of the Members' Area of the website please ensure this is kept up to date.

  • Booking Duties:

You can book most duties by visiting the current Duty Roster on the Members' Area of the website (you must be logged in to view it). Please ensure that you volunteer for duties by 1st May each year. After this date, you may be allocated a duty without choice as the committee see fit.

  • Changing duties:

If you sign up for a duty and subsequently find out that you are unable to complete it, duty transfers/swaps can be requested on the duty roster via the website. In case of unavoidable late notice (e.g. illness), please inform the person responsible for the duty type as soon as possible.

  • Management roles:

Any roles available will be advertised in the club Vacancies section of the website. All management tasks undertaken by members will be recorded as one or more duties completed against their annual commitment.

  • Carrying out a duty on behalf of a partner:

The committee are aware that in some cases members may wish to take on their partner's duty obligations. This does not normally present a problem, but the duties should be signed up for in the name of the person required to undertake the duty otherwise unnecessary penalties may be applied. The person responsible for that duty type should be contacted to advise of the arrangements (e-mail addresses included below).

Duties involve activities such as the following :

ON THE WATER DUTIES ( Dinghy Cruise & Dinghy Racing ) :
Race Officer, Race Officer Assistant, Patrol Boat Driver, Patrol Boat Assistant

Volunteer by clicking on the link : DINGHY Event Duties

These duties involve running dinghy races, social sails, cruises and accompanying the boats around the course.
Full training can be given to anyone interested, or members can learn on the job by being assistants on the day.
For all Dinghy Racing Duties : duties start time have been set 1h before the event start time. This is to ensure the race start time is respected.
If you are the patrol boat driver ensure you have the combination for the key safe and have done a RIB familiarisation session with the Bosun. If you are the patrol boat assistant please be prepared in case you have to go in the water.



Volunteer by clicking on the link : GALLEY Duties

The galley provides simple refreshments for members and guests. Whilst available every Sunday lunchtime the galley also supports other club activities. Full descriptions are within the duty details.
If this is your first galley duty you will be briefed by an experienced galley person. A galley duty is not difficult and it is a sociable way to interact with other members.
You may wish to prepare a home-cooked meal (this can also be prepared in the club galley) to serve as a special; this counts as an extra duty.
Please inform the House Secretary a week prior to your duty day if you are preparing a 'Special Dish'. This will be promoted to ensure members are aware of what will be available, sign-up for the dish and therefore support your efforts.
Check Galley Duty Guidelines HERE The galley is open from 13:00 to 15:00 on Sundays.
If doing a galley duty, you need to turn up by 12:30 to start preparation on allotted duty day.



You need to have been a member for a min of 12 months and complete supervised training before volunteering for bar duty. Ask at the bar for details. The bar is the heart of the club and the best place to make those new contacts and find out what is happening. You won't find better prices anywhere- real ale, good quality wines, snacks and soft drinks.
Bar opening times are:
- Wednesday 8.00-10.30 and Friday evening between 8.00 - 11.00pm
- Saturday and Sunday between 1.00 - 4.00 pm.
The bar is also open at other times when events are planned or after racing, as required.



Duties are normally allocated by the Mooring and berthing officer. This may include maintaining moorings, assisting with the various roles for lift in and lift out, Maintaining equipment, and allocating tender pen berths.



Volunteer by clicking on the link : WORK PARTY Duties

When you opt for a Work Party you may be part of a large group of people doing jobs such as cutting hedges, painting, window cleaning, scrubbing the slipway or a multitude of other tasks.
If you are on a Work Party you should arrive at 08:45 for a cuppa and to hear what you will be doing. Wear old clothes and have wellies in case you are outside. It's a good idea to phone the organiser a few days before to see if there are any tools you can bring or if there are some jobs you might be particularly suited to. Because Work Parties are arranged well in advance, the task descriptions are not definite and you may be allocated to a different team on the day.
Many members are stepping forward to take responsibility to help maintain and improve our club. This constitutes their duties and they are generally able to do the work at a day and time of their choice.
Should you be interested or can identify a duty that you think needs doing please

Other opportunities

There are numerous other opportunities to support the club ranging from small simple tasks to more complex tasks requiring special skills. If you can and wish to utilise any skills please contact the Commodore : or Vice Commodore : and they will help to identify appropriate tasks.
Managing tasks for the club can be satisfying and enjoyable.

All management tasks undertaken by members will be recorded as one or more duties completed against their annual commitment.

  • The following members can be exempt :

Members 80 and over, (this requires a date of birth on your membership page).

Members under 18 or in full time education.

Members with health conditions, this must be requested in writing, please write in confidence to the Commodore

  • Penalties for not attending a duty you have signed up for on the club website

Should you be unable to attend your duty you must inform the event supervisors as soon as possible, failing to turn up for your duty will incur a fine of £55.00 and you will still need to complete 3 duties in a calendar year. Repeat offenders will be invitedto a meeting with two committee members.

  • Penalties for not completing 3 duties in a calendar year.

Missing any duties for one year will incur a fine of £75.00 per duty this will be added to your membership fee.

If duties are missed for a second year, you will be invited to a meeting with 2 committee members and you may not be offered membership renewal.

  • Appeals procedure.

If you are penalised for not completing a duty/duties, you have the right to appeal the fine giving the circumstances why.

Write or email the club Commodore :

  • The committee will carry out an annual review of duties in October prior to renewal invitations.

Contact :

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