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LSC Photography and Media Policy


Langstone Sailing Club believes that the use of photography, video or other media can be positive and enhance the experience for sailors and their families. The club is however aware that there is a risk of media being used for purposes for which it was not intended and that publishing of media can be perceived as intrusive.

Use by Langstone Sailing Club

Langstone Sailing Club may use photographs, videos or other media for training or promotional purposes, including playback in the clubhouse, publishing on the club website, publishing on public social media (for example, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) and private social media (for example the private club Juniors Facebook page), as well as on printed media including advertising for the club, clothing, the club newsletter. Photos and videos that may cause any distress, upset or embarrassment or could be perceived as inappropriate will not be used.

Where the content will be made public, effort will be made to ensure that juniors who are easily visually identifiable will not have full names or other identifying data linked to the media).

Use by members of the club, their guests or members of the public

Most sailing activity takes place in areas that are open to the public and it is therefore not possible to control all photography. We allow photographs and video to be taken by members and their guests at Langstone SC for personal use. Your photography/filming should focus on your own children or family. Please do not post it on-line in a manner that identifies the individuals involved, unless you have express permission of their parents (in the case of U18 years) or the individual themselves. You should not record photos or videos that may cause any distress, upset or embarrassment or could be perceived as inappropriate. Parents and spectators should be prepared to identify themselves if requested and state their purpose for photography/filming. Members and their guests agree to remove any material from public viewing where requested by a participant or club representative (or their parent/guardian) who features in the media.

The use of cameras or camera phones in changing areas, or when people are dressing or undressing outdoors, will not be permitted in any circumstances. Such use by young people will be regarded as a form of bullying.

Any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography, or about the inappropriate use of images, should be reported to the club child protection/welfare officer and treated in the same way as any other child protection concern. Where there is concern over any image or media that has been published, the concern should be addressed to a Club Committee Member or the club child protection/welfare officer for action including possible removal of the item from the published site. Where any child is under a court order this should be stated explicitly to the event organiser.

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