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2024 Membership and Berths Renewal

Published 18:43 on 30 Nov 2023

*************Membership Renewal Update - 12th January 2024***********

Happy New Year to all members

A big thank you to all the members who have renewed their membership for 2024.

So far 70% of the membership have renewed their membership using the website.

I would urge the remaining 30% of members who have not renewed their membership to do so online (this reduces the work for me during a very busy period).

If you have have problems renewing (or it just doesn't look correct) please email me.

Dick Taylor

Membership Secretary


It's now time for us to renew your club membership.

Club membership runs from January to December, and it is now that time of year when your membership needs to be renewed.
Club membership can be renewed using the club website.
Email reminders will be sent out to remind you to renew your membership online and I urge you to do this online as it reduces the amount of administration that needs to be performed in this process

It should be noted that you cannot volunteer for duties, next year, until your membership has been renewed.

  • Renewing your membership

To renew your membership please visit the " My Renewals" page in the Members Area in the club's website, click on Renew Your Membership to go directly to this section (You will need to be logged in to the Members Area and you must be the main club member).

To renew, select the boxes and then press the select the relevant boxes and the "Renew this membership" box.

You will then receive an email acknowledging that you have renewed your membership, and you will be sent an invoice for membership renewal and the renewal ofberthing and moorings.

Please note that we have a "quirk" in our process in that you must select the box about boat insurance, even if you don't have a boat. This is to remind you that if you bring a boat to the club, you must have a relevant insurance policy.

  • Summer Dinghy Berthing, Moorings, Tender berths 2024

As part of the renewal process, your berths have been renewed for next year. The assumption is that you want the same berths and mooring that you had this year.

If you have been allocated a swinging mooring and you see an entry for "Langstone Side Moorings" or "Chichester Side Moorings" it confirms that your mooring has been allocated, and confirms the mooring number.

Your renewal invoice will include the berthing items. If you can't see details of your boat or you have been charged for a boat you have sold, please let me know and I will correct it.

  • Winter Storage 2024/25

In addition to summer berthing, the winter storage for next winter has also been renewed.

Again, the assumption is that you will have the same boat next winter and you will still require winter storage.

By renewing and paying for your next winter storage early ensures that your able to keep the boat at the club next winter and helps the club to keep costs low by improving our cash flow.

This helps us to fund projects in the club development plan, most of which are worked on during the summer season.

If you have paid for winter storage and find you no longer require it, just let me know and we will provide a refund or credit (it's your choice).

If you don't require winter storage for your boat, let us know and we will make the appropriate adjustments to your invoice.

  • Payment of Renewal Invoices

While prompt payment of the invoice is appreciated, we do recognise that it's not a great time of year to ask members for money. We will give members until the end of March 2023, before we start actively start chasing payments (you may receive invoice reminders).

We do prefer payment by bank transfer, and we also accept cheques. Unfortunately, we do not have currently have facilities to pay your fees using credit or debit cards, or to by monthlydirect debit.

  • Cruiser Boat Insurance Scheme

A £25 charge has been added to the renewal invoice for cruisers to cover a self-insurance scheme for damage caused during hoist operations.

Details of this can be found on the Club Website FAQ section see below :

Lastly, if you find you want to resign your membership or cannot renew it due to incorrect membership types or incorrect berthing requirements, please let me know so I can update our records. , if you do, in these difficult times, have problems paying your fees invoices pleasecontact me so we can make appropriate (confidential) arrangements.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and good sailing next year.

Dick Taylor

Membership Secretary

Last updated 15:12 on 12 January 2024

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